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Codeigniter is php framework and open source which is used to create php based websites and reduces the development cost and time.It is used to develop effective dynamic applications.We can write code faster in codeigniter and develop applications.It is fully compatible with standard shared host accounts.Codeigniter proves very useful for developers looking at simple MVC framework with zero configuration and offers a rational approach to extending functionalities through extensions and plugins

Features of Codeigniter Development

  • It is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture which is compatible with most standard web hosting and various versions of PHP.
  • It has strongly enabled libraries which help the developers to be fast in developing an application compared to writing programming codes
  • Codeigniter also supports scaffolding which helps to generate automated view
  • Codeigniter uses validation class which has predefined values which automatically validates the data passed through the URL
  • It has latest features such as classes for FTP, File uploading, Email, Zip encoding etc
  • All the components with its properties and methods used are documented which helps the developer to understand its framework to develop a particular application within it
  • The components are loaded and executed only on request which reduces the load on the memory and makes the framework light-weighted
  • Compared to other frameworks it enables high speed operation
  • Compared to other frameworks controller class and view classes are necessary for Codeigniter development while model class is optional for Codeigniter
  • It is simpler, major portion of the work is completed in the controllers and uploading the libraries. It is easy to understand and simple to use

Benefits of Codeigniter Development

  • It can be migrated seamlessly across data servers
  • It is easy to install and organize
  • Rest assured Codeigniter is a secured medium
  • It is very user friendly
  • You can easily detect error functions with it
  • It helps in effective validation that allows you to write a code in one line

YMTS INDIA is well known and popular codeigniter website development company. We have an team of experts in designing a codeigniter based website development.We offer Content Management System with the help of codeigniter framework that allows to run different websites with single back-end code engine.We provide cost-effective codeigniter framework based websites to clients

Our Codeigniter Development Services Include

  • CodeIgniter Maintenance & Support
  • CodeIgniter Application Development
  • CodeIgniter Portal Development
  • CodeIgniter Ecommerce Development
  • Back-end For Mobile Apps
  • CodeIgniter Web Application Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Codeigniter Migration Service
  • Clear and Exhaustive Documentation


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