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Client Requirement

Human can hear the sound signal from the frequency level of 20Hz to 20KHz.If the frequency lies above this range, then it is Ultrasound, or ultrasonic which needs to be used to transmit text data. By Using Ultrasound, data is transmitted in the form of TEXT only because the Ultrasound signals are not audible to humans and Image is not possible to transfer through ultrasound. This work includes Hardware component integration with Coding, Initially Testing the individual hardware component and finally after Components Integration with Coding.



Hardware Design
  • Arduino uno
  • Ultrasonic sensor receiver
  • Ultrasonic sensor transmitter
  • Decoder circuit
  • Data cable
  • Testing Arduino microcontroller
  • Testing Ultrasonic sensor receiver
  • Testing Ultrasonic sensor transmitter
  • Testing Decoder circuit
Software Design
  • Firmware development
  • Android application development
  • Coding in Arduino IDE
  • Using Embedded C language
Technology Used
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Android application
  • Here we transfer the serial data from transmitting section using ultrasonic sensor which convert the data in the form of ultrasound signals.
  • The ultrasonic transducer receive the transmitted signal and pass the received signal to LM386 for amplify the received signal.
  • By using IC LM393 it compares the amplified signal with threshold tuning signal.
  • This amplified signal will be processed through Arduino.
  • It will decode the information and shows the received data on serial monitor.
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