VLSI System Design

There are three responses to a piece of design - Yes, No and WOW!. Wow is the one we aim for.

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What We Do

Our VLSI design team has deep expertise in realizing product and software development for a wide range of application areas on cutting-edge technologies. YMTS team have wide set of skills across electronic chip design flow from specification to GDSII on latest node technologies, with special focus on RTL/FPGA Design, design verification and FPGA emulation.


System Design

ASIC / FPGA Design Development

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System Design

To bring the electronics to life our expert team break the design cycle into manageable stages, which allows proper planning, execution, and collaboration. our design team come together to build embedded systems from scratch.

VLSI services

Our Engineering team expertise in various stages of the design flow, Such as:

  • Micro-Architecture development for given specifications
  • SoC Design / ARM-based SoC architecture designs
  • RTL Integration & IP subsystem development
  • Full-Chip / SoC Level Design with Verilog, VHDL, System Verilog
  • Migration from FPGA to ASIC
  • Lint, CDC Checks and writing waivers
  • Integration of digital and analog blocks (Like SERDES PMA + PCS or DDR + Phy etc.,)
  • Synthesis, STA Constraints for both ASIC and FPGA
  • Logic equivalency and formality checks
  • Hands-on experience on Various Industrial EDA tools
  • Optimization of Power, Area and timing tradeoff
  • FPGA Prototyping on Xilinx / Altera FPGA Boards

Our Designers having experience in:

  • High-Speed protocol Interfaces like:

    • PCIe Gen1,2,3,4,5 With PIPE / SERDES
    • Ethernet 100G, 40G, 10G, 1G
    • USB 3.0, USB 2.0 host and device controllers
    • AXI, AHB

  • Other Interfaces like APB / SPI / UART /I2C
  • Multi Clock / Multi-Frequency Domain Designs
  • Mixed-signal IPs Integration such as:

    • ADC/DAC
    • PLLs
    • DDR PHY
    • DVI / HDMI

  • DDR Controllers
  • Integration of CPU Cores like ARM Cortex
  • Image Processing
Optimization & Maintenance

We are here to help you understand the importance of web application maintenance. We provide several services which will enable your web application run error-free and smooth.

Our knowledge based AI platform driven by automation and innovation. It enables our clients’ businesses to continuously reinvent system landscapes and achieve IT goals that align with business needs. By aligning IT with business value, we help clients push the envelope beyond cost and quality.


YMTS provides training programs that help students / Enginees and customers get to productivity faster. All our training programs have been developed keeping in mind what it takes to accelerate skill development of today's R&D engineers and have been proven in-house with our own new hires as well as multiple customers.


Tools and Tech Stack

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Additional Features

Security of firmware and software:

We want our customer to feel safe and secure against any cyber-attack and able to protect their sensitive data. Incorporating security into the firmware level of IoT devices enables us to provide a much stronger guarantee of safety and security to our customers.

Excellent Customer Service:

We make that our customers concern get resolved quickly and fairly. It is also important for us to fulfill their needs as soon as possible. All our customers are partners in our mission.

Competitive Advantage:

Building best software is just our DNA. Your winning chance is 99.999 % because our ability to arrange magnetic particles on hard drives is excellent. We create your competitive advantage by giving new ways to outperform your competitors.

An App for every business:

Organizations need to provide right information about their company or businesses to their clients or customers. Smart phone becomes a common medium to access information about businesses or doing work from home . So we provide suitable mobile apps for every kind businesses at affordable prices.