Oil Industry

Do you know? India placed right after the USA & China in number of active petrol pumps.

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Petroleum industry

The petroleum industry in India growth rate was 13% in the recent past. This high demand puts India in the third place, behind US and China, for the number of active petrol pumps. Managing and selling such large volumes of fuel can be challenging for supply chain owners and requires cutting-edge solutions because of complex operation with multiple stake holders. task. This has made petrol supply chain management equally important.

Our Expertise

YMTS software solution enables your organization to overcome the key industry challenges of business complexity. We add great value to our clients in optimizing their businesses with our integrated web solutions span over multiple technologies. Major supply chain businesses have benefited with increased efficiency by utilizing our software for managing supply chain , transportation, petrol pump, service automation and skilled workforce.




Market competition


Fleet management


Process Optimization


Planning & Forecasting


Inventory Management


Employee Performance


We Offer

Fleet Tracking System

Petroleum industry requires a very high number of vehicles in their fleet for transportation which needs to be regulated properly. Our GPS enabled fleet tracking software helps organizations in managing and optimizing fuel cost, transportation usage, route optimization, tracking drivers, accountability, scheduling maintenance and safety compliances etc.

  • 1. Real time visibility of vehicle with graph
  • 2. Reduced fuel cost
  • 3. Improved driver efficiency
  • 4. Route optimization & journey planning
  • 1. Data analysis from different tools and equipment
  • 2. Software Integration between equipment and alert notifications
  • 3. Raw data aggregation and algorithm based analysis for health check of equipment
  • 4. Fault detection and recommended actions to resolve fault

Equipment Monitoring System

We provide embedded application for equipment monitoring , which is an easy way to interpret and analyze the data obtained from different kinds of equipment in order to monitor the operational efficiency, working condition of various equipment, idle time. Precautionary measures can be taken and impact can be minimized by identifying any possible breakdown at an earlier stage. Our expert solution saves time and efforts by automating difficult calculations from the equipment data and displays result in customized UI format.

We Offer

Additional Features

Security of firmware and software:

We want our customer to feel safe and secure against any cyber-attack and able to protect their sensitive data. Incorporating security into the firmware level of IoT devices enables us to provide a much stronger guarantee of safety and security to our customers.

IOT standards:

One of the leading cause that many businesses failed to get optimum security is because of lack of IoT regulation.. Without security standards and regulations in place, devices and their components may fail to meet even basic cyber security requirements. YMTS ,India set the best practices in the industry for its customers.

Competitive Advantage:

Building best software is just our DNA. Your winning chance is 99.999 % because our ability to arrange magnetic particles on hard drives is excellent. We create your competitive advantage by giving new ways to outperform your competitors.

An App for every business:

Organizations need to provide right information about their company or businesses to their clients or customers. Smart phone becomes a common medium to access information about businesses or doing work from home . So we provide suitable mobile apps for every kind businesses at affordable prices.