Windows Apps

Windows Application Development

The all time desktop-favorite Microsoft, now it furrows into an nunchartered territory of Mobile Development Are you ready ?


Windows is one of the most prefered Operating System for mobile. As we can see numerous number of people utilizing desktops,platforms,and windows mobiles can give lot of visibility and will have the capacity to download and access to app.This applications enhance your deals and have a chance to touch with Clients/Customers

Features of Windows App Development

  • UWP (Universal Windows Platform) community toolkit
  • Easy file Navigation and refactoring
  • Expertise Programming language
  • Platform dependency
  • Cloud based services
  • Debug and analyses
  • Support third party software
  • Provide the Virtual private network
  • Internet sharing connection
  • Automatic testing tools
  • Shows upcoming Appointments
  • Updates GIS data
  • Email messaging
  • API reference
  • Radio Interface Layer

Benefits of Windows App Development

  • Endorsement via messaging
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Utilities Application development
  • Internet applications, GPS and Navigation apps
  • Access Multimedia application development on window platform
  • Bulk messaging via SMS Gateway
  • Local and location search access
  • Communication & System apps

YMTS INDIA is top and famous Windows App Development Company,India.We have an team of experts in developing all type of windows applications to various business clients.Our developers have an ability to work for large or small projects.We have developed different windows applications like health & fitness,education,Ecommerce & Etc. We utilize latest tools and technologies to incorporate more features in app that we create.If your are looking for windows application,YMTS INDIA is there to develop latest windows applications

Our Development Services Include

  • Seamless data connectivity windows apps
  • Media enhancement apps for windows platform (WMP plug-ins, image editors, accelerometer-based apps
  • Windows Apps with rich API support (Bluetooth)
  • Task Management enhancing windows apps
  • Windows phone software development
  • Windows mobile software and QA/testing services
  • Windows phone migration and integration services
  • We offer windows phone application customization
  • We provide windows phone business apps development
  • We also offer customized windows mobile development
  • We offer exceptional windows phone development services
  • Windows phone application development keeping the client's requirements